whispers and webs
you’re a spider in my bed

the moon remains in the sky
even as daylight pushes it away
I want you just as often

labels and labia
I’m confusion in your coffee

I miss you in the way
I’m not supposed to miss you
I feel myself sprinkled
like ashes from your fist
I am mourning
fall asleep fast so I can forget
the ceiling is made of concrete
unable to see the stars
but I am dreaming
you wash over me in the shower
I bend to my knees
and cannot breathe
I am a hurricane of kisses
upon your sweet skin
I will never taste your salt
under my tongue again
this breaks me
we are just friends
still I miss you in the way
I’m not supposed to miss you
you’re angry again

when we lay
I tied
a ribbon around
your heart
connecting yours
with mine

when you
went east
I let out
the slack
hoping to hold
onto the feeling
of you
to always come

you told me
you felt it
a connection
tying me to

you said,
you are here
you are
beside me

you remain:
across my heart
like elastic
pulling back to

you go
and sever
our rope
I feel it
I feel you

I am a constellation
with you, even when the sun washes
us from the sky at daybreak
Let me sink into the moon
I can glow if you let me

I would rather be burned by a cigarette
than burned by your words
We leave with holes in our sleeves